Computer-Assisted Miniatures for Operational-Level WWII Combat

This page provides software downloads and other resources for the Active Armor WWII miniatures wargaming system. The software is now available as freeware, running on Windows PCs. Work is currently ongoing to produce a cross-platform version which will also work on devices, but the release date for that version has not yet been determined.

A description of the system can be found at the Computer Assisted Wargames Enterprises site. However, the downloads available here are now the most up-to-date, and include some minor bug fixes not available from that site. The current downloads are listed below.

Software Downloads

The current download as of December 2018: ActiveArmorWWII.zip

All the files in the ZIP need to be extracted into the c:\ActiveArmorWWII\ directory for the program to function properly. When creating scenario files for play or edit, these must be in that directory to work correctly. If you unzip the program files, open the file ActiveArmor.htm to get links to the scenario builder, documentation, and files for editing and playing scenarios.

A PDF version of the Quick Reference sheet for players is also available.

Any questions should be directed to Wargaming Machines (ilg21[at]yahoo.com).

Active Armor WWII uses the Microsoft "HTML Application" technology which requires Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. These applications come pre-installed on most Windows machines. If, when you unzip Active Armor WWII and double-click on the *.hta files, nothing happens, then the problem may be that these applications are missing.

Scenario Files

Active Armor WWII scenarios have been run at Historicon and Fall In! in 2018, and will be run at HMGS conventions moving forward. Below are relevant links to the files for scenarios at these games and elsewhere. To run the files for editing or playing the scenarios, these must be downloaded (try right-clicking) and placed into the c:\ActiveArmorWWII\ directory on your computer.

    Historicon 2018 - Moonsund: The Recapture of Osel Island, 1944
    The scenario description and the files for playing and editing the game are available. An after-action report can be found here.

    Fall In! 2018/Cold Wars 2019 - Some Like It Hot: Patton vs. the Russians
    The scenario flyer and scenario write-up are available, with Soviet card 1, Soviet card 2, American, and German unit cards, as well as the files for playing and editing the game. This scenario has also been run at Cold Wars in 2019 - the after-action report is available.

Additional material will be added here as it becomes available.